My art focuses primarily on the themes of mental health, growing up in a large family, and being working-class. I use my experiences of trauma at a young age to study how these developmental and environmental effects change and shape me as I age. I am deeply interested in the concept of having an ‘inner child’, and my practice seeks to find out how my inner child and I survived the trauma we experienced and how that child might be represented now that he is in an adult, within an artistic context.


I am also interested in the perception of what it means to be a working-class artist and how this is perceived in wider society and the arts.


By using performance art; my body and my voice, I am able to connect directly on an intensely emotional level with the audience. Connecting with the audience is about an engagement, a relationship of swapping stories through an emotional connection.


I also use film making and VHS technology to make works that complement the era that I grew up in, which is the late 80’s and early 90’s.


My wider context and practice aims to reveal thoughts about trauma in my work, that the audience can choose to identify with in the space or at a later date. The aim is that the audience will pick up on my coping mechanisms and examine them for themselves; to use or simply to study.