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Support to build your WIX website

No matter your budget or experience, if you are ready to begin your own WIX website but need a helping hand, I am here to help you on your journey. I built my own website from scratch and have supported other artists like you to get a website together that reflects your creativity and mission for the future. 

Get in touch via the contact page to discuss the cost of getting you your ideal website built, depending on your needs and ideas. I am very happy to support people on low incomes to get started for a very small fee, please let me know if this applies to you when you send a message and we can work together to get you started without worrying about the cost. 

Look below for examples of websites I have helped to build. 

Katie Zoe Mitchell Website.png

Fine artist and awesome goth comedian, Katie Zoe Mitchell has a stunning website, pop over and check it out as an example of a website I have helped to build. 

Want something like this? Get in touch to discuss your options!

metaphysician and artist Kerry Langsdale has a stunning website that crosses the boundaries of Art and Philosophy, check it out as another example of the kind of website I have built. 


Want something that looks like this? Get in touch to discuss your options.  

Kerry Langsdale Wesbite.png
Home office

Your website!

Building a Wix website can be fun, quicker than you might think and I can support you with simple language and easy to understand instructions. Sound like to much work? Let me design it for you! using images and your own words, we can get something together to make that business card pop or to let people know you're ready to be a professional artist! Get in touch to discuss your options. 

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