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Digitising VHS and Mini DV

For a few years now I have been cleaning, repairing, digitising VHS and Mini DV tapes to digital files for playback on your PC or DVD-R discs. I also have the ability to put your digital video files onto VHS, which can be an exciting way for artists to explore a new medium and format! 

I have worked on projects with the BFI, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham University and De Montford University. This includes award winning films, high profile artists and university archives. 

Get in touch with your needs and we can find the best way to get you the results you are looking for. 

See below for more details on the services I can provide.

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This service is specifically to take footage from your VHS or Mini DV tapes and covert them into a modern file for playback on media players, your laptop or they can be put onto a DVD-R disc for playback in a DVD player. 

Option to put footage on a Blu-ray Disc is available, however this would not improve the quality of your VHS tape footage. 

This option may be of interest to fine artists or art students that want to explore the possibilities of old formats. I'm able to take your digital video (uptown 2 hours) and place it onto a recycled VHS/Mini DV tape.

This may be for your art project or even a bespoke merchandise opportunity for bands.  

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Mouldy VHS repair. 

VHS tapes are prone to being devoured by mould if they haven't been stored very well and you may be forgiven for thinking that they can't be recovered. However not all is lost, I have the ability to clean mouldy tapes and usually footage can still be salvaged from the tape and digitised. 

Get in touch with your tapes and a description/photograph of the damage and we can work on getting you access to your VHS footage.

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