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Circle Performance VII & VIII – 

Dimensions – Audioscape approx. 60mins.

                        X2 Canvas (King size Bed Sheets). 

Materials – Charcoal (Willow).


INTER-mate Happening, Ceej Richter 2018


 This performance was another important exploration of the potential of the circle performance series. In this performance I channelled the intensity and experience of watching artist Ceej Richter during her live performance of ‘Splutter’ at SLAP festival 2018. 

The performance was split into two separate 1 hour sessions in which I generated a circle in private and then a circle was generated over a live feed broadcast into the heart of a happening that Ceej Richter had set up.  


 Emotionally I was tuned into my own guttural thoughts but also effected on not only how Ceej’s performance affected me but what I considered the effect to be on the artist. The work I generated became more performative, more gestural and looser in many ways. The circle seems to be able to be appropriated by other trauma. This is of great interest to me as a concern of my own is the need to collaborate. 

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