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Circle Performance VI – 

Dimensions – Audioscape approx. 60mins.

                        X2 Canvas (Variable Size). 

Materials – Charcoal (Willow), Scrap Paper, Recycled Linoleum.


SLAP Festival in Nottingham in 2018


   I was invited to generate two circle performances in this event, one downstairs as people enter the building and a main circle where people congregate. SLAP allowed me to test the circle in an outside environment that I had little control over in terms of how the work would be interfaced and by whom. It was for these reasons that I felt compelled to push myself and the work to see how it stood up in this kind of experiment.

   The performances were a continuation of my trauma but leaned more towards my action and mood being dictated by my anxiety levels in the environment rather than channelling my trauma and releasing memories. It was an interesting time and the two circles came out sharp, heavy, dark and with text. All signs of my anxiety surfacing. 


Interestingly I felt that the two circles were each a half that belong to the other. This is one circle that was split into two. The venue itself felt like space, a kind of energy that communicated each circle separately but also held both of them in the same timeline and space. 


  I feel the work managed to communicate this and the audience was receptive. I also enjoyed being able to collaborate with other artists who effect my work as I must have theirs, I was a very special event. 

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