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Circle Performance V – 

Dimensions – Audioscape approx. 50mins

                        Canvas Variable. 

Materials – Charcoal (Willow), Scrap Paper.


   Circle V was different to the previous iterations. I realised at this stage that what I had done, subconsciously, is built a foundation for the narrative of my trauma. Key points in my life where the dynamic had shifted, where trauma was either dramatically increased or decreased but additional traumatic events.  This circle represents structure. A spine with text that focuses the circle into the constructive, positive and regenerative. This performance also truly embraces the body bracket not only as a literal symbol of support but also a metaphorical symbol of support mental and emotionally. This bracket ‘changes’ the performance, it is both restrictive and giving. It allows me to continue for longer without the fear of back pain and yet it stops the more intense and sensual movements that occur at the start of the performance. This represents the qualities that come with support, they can liberate and hinder progress at the same time, insuring that a sense of completion or satisfaction is never achievable. 

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