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Circle Performance III - 

Dimensions – Video (00:49:45)

Materials - Charcoal (Willow), Recycled Canvas. 


   Circle III was an accumulation of the research and ideas I had used to create the first two circles, and a deeper understanding of why I was drawn to them and what they were helping me say. I spent a long time in my art space, creating an emotional response with my humming and vocals, that directly communicated the emotions that were living among each rotation of the the charcoal circle. This performance used my first soundscape, which lasted for just under 1 hour.

  Themes in this circle are trauma, childhood displacement, depression, anxiety, PTSD memories, my working-class upbringing, my mental health needs, family and bonds, relationships, grief, time and loss of said time, anger and frustration. It’s very hard to tell you exactly what enters my head at any given time, but whatever it is, I respond to it live and document it in the circle. The soundscape influences what period of my life I am visiting, depending on the tone and what words are used in the track, if any.

Video by Benjamin Rostance, 2017. 

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