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Circle Performance I - 

Dimensions - 6.5ftx10ft (approx)

Materials - Charcoal (Willow), Recycled Canvas roll. 

  Circle Performance I, at the time of creation, was simply an experiment in mark making, sound and video capturing. Now at the time of writing I’m approaching circle V and have a solid idea of what each circle means to me as a performative mark maker, and as I continue to create each one, I authentically learn something new.

   The ‘circles’ attempt to express a series of complex ideas, experiences, emotions and feelings, that all exist inside of me at any one time. The large-scale materials and monochromatic pallet are integral to divulging the rawness of my past and my own view of the content encapsulated within it.  

  In the video you can see a contact mic, this was used to capture a soundscape from the circle, however I didn’t feel that it worked alone as a sound, so i knew the next circle would need some kind of soundscape that was more than just the charcoal on canvas. This lead me to set up Circle II and to include a form of soundscape.

Video by Benjamin Rostance. 2017. 

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