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Circle Performance IV - 


Dimensions – Audioscape 1 approx 50mins.

                         Canvas size Variable.

Materials - Charcoal (Willow), Recycled Canvas. 


  This circle was performed at the Surface Gallery in Nottingham as part of the MEMORY IMAGES exhibit in the Nottingham Trent University art festival, along side artists Heidi Chan and Que Chan.

  This circle experimented with a repeat use of the first soundscape and new research into performative mark making. I had taken the feedback given to me during Circle III and also had time to meditate on the circle as a whole. I decided that I wanted to explore the more positive aspects of my circle.

  I have been using circular symbols to describe individual rotations of the circle and what they could mean or do mean depending on how vivid the memory is that I have as I create them. One aspect of these symbols is text, in this particular circle I was drawn to the word ‘FIX’ which I take to man that once the performance was complete, I had ‘fixed’ a lot of the trauma with in the circle. This was highly positive for me.

I plan to explore these symbols further and maybe outside of this particular circle experiment. When I split the circle from the ritualistic and symbolic circular codes I started to experiment with automatic drawing and writing, the combination of the two were so effective that I called them ‘Autotraumatic Drawing’ and now I believe that is what I am doing.


I am creating Autotraumatic Drawings in a performative mark making way.


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